Wall Street Banks Want To Rent Your Home To You

An increasing set of Wall-Street owners of single-family rental homes have ramped up their own fundraising in anticipation of their countless Americans who might be made to turnover or sell their homes amid the financial stress of this pandemic.

The four-year-old business, EasyKnock, has established itself as a name in so-called”sale-leaseback” transactions, by which homeowners sell the company their land, then rent it back. Some firms have focused on a growing niche in the industry that attempts to offer homeowners an alternative proposal, the opportunity to stay put while exploiting the money secured from the value of the residence.

“There are 12 million single-family rental homes that have to be sold in the next decade as their owners’ age out. That is a huge package of homes that these large owners can take advantage of, even simply through sale-leaseback deals.”
Sale-leaseback deals are viewed as a palatable alternative for many homeowners in financial distress or who might not otherwise want to offer.

Invitation Homes, the largest single-family home landlords with roughly 80,000 possessions, has said in recent decades that it will attempt to increase sale-leaseback transactions to the pipeline of acquisitions.

“We discussed sale-leaseback at years past and that’s an area that we’re focused on,” Dallas Tanner, the provider’s president and CEO, said in its third quarter earnings call on October 2-9.

Growth has become important for single-family home giants in a hurry to attain the economies of scale managing and renovating properties necessary to enhance profitability. Hill said there are roughly 15.5 million single-family homes from the rental market nationally. Significant owners now control about 23 percent of that swimming pool, he anticipated a much smaller share compared to their counterparts in the multi-family flat industry.

The entrance of large, corporate investors into the business of leasing and owning single-family suburban homes gained traction in the aftermath of the financial crisis a decade ago, which ushered a wave of foreclosures and also attracted home prices rising down.



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