4 Things Black Entrepreneurs Should Know

Hello Black Wealthsters! I’m not going to waist your time with a monologue. Let’s get right into 4 things everyone Black Entrepreneur Should Know.

Lead by Visual Example

Don’t lead by what you say, lead by what you do. We live in a visual world and words can be cheap. More than likely we influence others to better their lives and the understanding of others by our actions.

By showing people the right way to get ahead, you will be responsible for an expansion of greatness in society.

Create Content First

In this next decade, your primary job is to create content that gets the message out about what you are offering to the market place. Content is how we differentiate ourselves from the rest.

The unique it is the more impact you will have on your bottom-line. For example:

First, I wanted to create one place where Black content creators can get recognized and allowed the opportunity to control our own narrative, so I created Black Media Daily a 24/7 media platform promoted throughout the Diaspora.

Second, I wanted to help change the lives of black people through Dialogue, so I co-authored the book “100 Questions Black People Should Ask Themselves“; available on Amazon in Paperback and Kindle format.

Go for Sells Not Likes

In this world overran by social media we often mix what we personally want with our business goals. It’s ok to want to be adored but as a business owner brownie points don’t always mean money in your pocket.

In the new book “Made By Hustle” available on Amazon in Paperback/kindle formats, my brother and I lecture on the need for entrepreneurs to see the world as a grouping of markets, or places to buy and sell things. You must think this way in order to increase your market value to get sales.

Being Honest Helps

There are so many entrepreneurs who are proven to be liars every day in the Google sphere. From Uncle Toms to culture vultures all leeching off the black community for the scrappings from Masta’s table. As soon as black people find out you will fall far from grace.

If you are for the advancement of the Black community by providing Services and solutions then that’s, if you are trying to manipulate the dollars of the community then move aside because you will be outed as such. And in this decade we have had it as a people with fake conscious types.

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