How To Write Your Best Seller In 30 Days – Episode #128 w/ Taurea Avant

Taurea Avant: Business Coach & 15 Time Best Selling (Self Published) Author has a vision to help 1,000 authors make over 5 Figures this year and she’s just getting started! Her mission is to help authors promote and profit from their books. This interview is a Masterclass on Writing, Publishing, Promoting, and PROFITING from YOUR BOOK! We also discuss :

– Why book writing isn’t a HARD PROCESS and how to break “writer’s block.”
– When you need to Own the Rights To Your Book Publishing.
– Why you SHOULD NOT SELL your book on Amazon?
– How to have 5 Figure Months from a one time process.

And so much more!

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Show Notes:
0:00 Podcast Preview & Sponsored By…

1:42 Becoming Taurea

5:42 Moving To Atlanta

9:11 Network Marketing

22:40 The Book Thing Changed The Game

25:00 A Shifting Environment

29:50 Niche Space = Rich Space/ Build A Business

36:12 Collaborations Projects

42:13 Commercial Break

43:33 Owning The Rights

46:55 Why Not Sale On Amazon

49:25 Running The Numbers

51:39 Next Level

57:42 Scaling

1:02:20 Behind The Business

1:08:52 Podcast Predictions

1:13:05 Sponsored By…

1:14:46 Podcast Principles
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