Social Proof Shark Tank – Episode #129

Donni and I sit down and have a full blown SHARK TANK experience live on the podcast! Those who attended live were able to pitch us on their business ideas ( and some even presented some great offers! ) We also tackle :

– The Stages of Entrepreneurship ( the power of going from making money to having your money grow).
– A quick tutorial on utilizing life insurance in order to live and build wealth.
– Donni’s current experience with building her equitable partnerships ( and a surprise pitch or two is made LIVE on the POD!)
– Why it’s VERY important ( no crucial) to know the numbers of your business before you think about selling it.
– How to PROPERLY file a trademark for a brand ( what you need to look out for).
– Why real estate acquisition should be a long-term play.

And so much more!

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Show Notes:
0:00 Podcast Preview & Sponsored By…

0:22 The Podcast & Patreon

3:26 Seven Figure Journey

8:26 Freedom Of Time & Money

12:31 Life Insurance

19:49 Commercial Break: Courses Rewired

21:13 Life Insurance Strategy & Investments

23:44 Equitable Partnerships

27:55 Shark Tank 1
-Resume Writing

39:08 Shark Tank 2
-Living Blessed & Trademarking

58:16 Shark Tank 3
-Free Rental Property

1:12:59 Sponsored By…
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