15 Unexpected Early Signs of BURNOUT

15 Unexpected Early Signs you’re reaching BURNOUT
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In this Alux.com video we will be answering the following questions:
What are the first signs of burnout?
What are 15 Unexpected Early Signs of BURNOUT?
How do you figure out you’re reaching burnout?
What are the signs of burnout?
Does burnout happen suddenly?
What is the first stage of burnout?
How long do burnouts last?
How to Tell You Have Reached the Point of Burnout?
How to recognize signs of impending burnout?

00:00 – Intro
00:29 – The difference between stress and burnout
01:27 – Procrastinating or struggling to concentrate
02:02 – Lower Immunity – more often sick
02:33 – Headaches and muscle pain
02:56 – Using food, drugs or alcohol as a crutch
03:23 – Feeling constantly tired and drained
03:50 – New stomach problems you didn’t have before
04:13 – Self-doubt or a sense of failure and hopelessness
04:46 – Change in sleep habits
05:35 – Feeling alone or detached
06:56 – Becoming cynical and negative about everything
07:27 – Avoiding responsibility and delivering lower standards of work
07:59 – Skipping work or social engagements and isolating yourself
09:01 – Feeling unsatisfied all the time even over big achievements
09:40 – Taking out your frustration on others
10:49 – Question

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