Fire and Desire: The Success Formula- Episode #131 w/ David & Donni

After cracking the #9 SPOT on the National Podcast Chart for entrepreneurs we are so excited! The power behind having an insatiable desire and a fire that NO one can put out can catapult you into another echelon of your business journey. In this episode we discuss :

– Why Podcasting is THE WAY to establish yourself as an authority, creative educator, and brand ambassador.
– The Need to Go through a “self awareness process to KILL IT IN your business.
– The difference between desire and passion and how you can channel it into your journey of CRUSHING your goals.
– How you can go through the B.A.W.S.E. Method to 10X your results.
– Your need to build other channels for people to do business with you ( text communities, email lists. Etc.
– The need for MARKET RESEARCH in your business endeavors
And so much more!

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Show Notes:
0:00 Podcast Preview & Sponsored By…

0:09 Number 9 In The Country

1:29 How’s Your Week

4:40 Podcast Power & Marketing

13:01 Not Getting Results

23:14 Commercial Break

24:06 Belief /Desire / Passion / Feeling / Emotion

34:14 Do I Want This

42:01 Belief

45:57 Ability, Work Ethic

49:18 Reliability

52:19 All Together

54:23 Hacked

1:00:58 Backup Avenues & Leads

1:07:47 Analytics

1:13:11 Activity Matters

1:14:21 Sponsored By…
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