Building A Brand From The Inside Out – Episode #147 w/ Van Taylor

Mr. “Go All In”. Van Taylor left his lucrative 10 year fitness executive career to bet on himself. He now teaches, coaches, and empowers others to walk in authenticity, tell their stories with creativity, and monetize their personal brand. In this episode we cover :

– Leaving a job with security vs. “burning the boats.”
– If it is harder to build a business or a physique.
– The power of creating certainty in your day.
– Why you HAVE to know who your “Avatar” is.
– The art of storytelling vs. talking about service features.
– Why our mental game and belief system is extremely connected to our success.

And so much more!

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Show Notes:
0:00 Podcast Preview & Sponsored By…

2:09 Mr. Go All In

9:57 Too Comfortable To Leave

12:30 Building The Brand

17:25 Building A Business Vs Building A Body

19:38 Major Factors Of Branding

25:25 Commercial Break

26:18 Vision & Vibe & Daily Rituals

32:17 The Mindset, The Answer

33:43 Niche

35:50 Working With Van

43:09 Branding Online

49:44 Patreon Commercial Break

50:39 Brand With A Purpose

54:13 Spirituality & Beliefs

1:04:28 Sponsored By…

1:05:50 Podcast Predictions

1:09:34 Podcast Principles
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