Cracking The Code On Government Contracting – Episode #148 w/ Jason White

Providing services to the federal government as a business is a great opportunity for those with the vision to do so. Jason White has gone from a gas station attendant to landing up to 7 figure government contracts and (thus building a lucrative business) in the last decade. In this episode we discuss :

    ⁃    The journey of how he went from a gas station attendant to landing 7 figure contracts.
    ⁃    How to navigate through the  system, processes, and industry behind government contracting .
    ⁃    The outsourcing dilemma : how to find the right vendors who can perform the service requested.
    ⁃    What one’s approach should be to the pricing , structure, and patience required to land government contracts.
    ⁃    How to become a preferred source of services for government agencies.

And so much more !

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