What’s next for the stock market? – Boyce Watkins, PhD

What's next for the stock market? - Boyce Watkins, PhD

Today I want to talk about the major correction that took place in the stock market this week. There are a few factors that should lead you to reconsider the excessive speculation that drove to strong valuations in equities.

The #stockmarket took a huge hit today with a major drop, the largest market decline of 2021. The question at this point is whether or not the stock market could also be hit by additional bad news for the virus or stagflation: The emergence of both infllation and slow economic growth.

I will talk about the many factors driving the drop in stock prices today and also give you the #BoyceWatkins approach to managing all of this market volatility in a way that you can protect your portfolio.

Oh, and I wouldn’t mess around with meme stocks anymore, this could be a serious problem.



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